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Prancing Penta's

Prancing Penta's

Product description

Balancing cubes can be a hard job, but balancing blocks is quite another league.
The twelve planar pentacubes can be assembled in a 3x4x5 block in many different ways.
We designed a stand for balancing this block.
There are 31,520 ways to put the pieces in the block and three non-symmetrical ways to put the block on the stand, one of which will topple.
Of a total of 63,040 assemblies only one will keep standing.
To find this unique solution is the puzzle we named Prancing Pentas.
Be aware that in difficulty we reward this extreme puzzle with five stars.

Get Prancing Penta's here:
Order your customized puzzle
locally printed via the Treatstock hub.
Get the STL's here:
Order the STL's for DIY 3D print via Paypal
and receive the files by email.

An idea of putting the 3x4x5 block on the stand

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