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Rabbit and Duck

Rabbit and Duck

Product description

The Duck-Rabbit Ambiguous Figure belongs in a large class of illusions where an image or object can be seen in two or more sharply distinct ways. Whether one sees a rabbit or a duck depends on the orientation of the object and situation. Studies showed people tend to see a bunny during Easter, and a bird/duck at other times. This is due to the biasing effect of expectancy upon perception. Ease of switching perception may also indicate creativity. People who are creative will have less difficulty in switching from one image to the other. We designed twelve puzzle-pieces and the goal is to assemble this enigmatic puzzle. Having done so, you can challenge others to take it apart. Measurements are a massive 140x136x65mm ( 5.51x5.35x2.56" ) In difficulty we give this puzzle three stars.

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The twelve pieces

Rabbit? A pen is shown for scale

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