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Puzzler's Army Knife Pak-4

Puzzler's Army Knife Pak-4

Product description

The Puzzler's Army Knife PAK-4 is a must have survival gear for every puzzler.
The Swiss army like knife holds five tetromino pieces which can be utilized to solve a number of challenges on offer while you're off the road.
The PAK-4 challenges are presented here.
There are various ways to use the challenge templates:
1. Solve them off screen from the templates presented.
2. Print the challenge images and solve them on the paper template after adjusting the scale.
3. Directly use the display of your phone or tablet as a template. Use pinch to scale. (See photo).

In difficulty, we give PAK-4 two stars.

Get Puzzler's Army Knife PAK-4 here:
Order your customized puzzle
locally printed via the Treatstock hub.
Get the STL's here:
Order the STL's for DIY 3D print via Paypal
and receive the files by email.

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