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Based on Daunting Dominoes, we got the idea to extend the puzzle into 3D.
12 bicubes (1x1x2 blocks), one of which red, are arranged in a 3x3x3 gridded frame.
The red block is placed in the top corner (A).
The challenge is to move this block to the diagonally opposite corner of the frame (B).
Since other blocks are barricading the way, they have to be moved about to make space.
The frame has a removable top in order to setup different challenges.
A broad range of challenges with 21 till 90 moves can be found here.
The puzzle measures 69x69x69mm ( 2.72x2.72x2.72" ).
In difficulty, we give Baffling Bicubes three till five stars.

Get Baffling Bicubes here:
Order your customized puzzle
locally printed via the Treatstock hub.
Get the STL's here:
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and receive the files by email.

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