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The lithograph print Relativity is one of the masterpieces of M.C. Escher. The litho from 1953 shows a habitat with stairways and people walking or sitting in different directions without common ground.
The structure causes confusion which is a source of great joy for fans of Escher's work.
Inspired by this gem we decided to try and make a 3D puzzle out of it.
The puzzle we have created is made up from eight identical cubic frames.
The frames have two wings with two stairs and a total of 48 gates each.
The challenge is to construct a cube.
With a total of 4052 theoretical assemblies, one solution and 20 moves needed to achieve this result, we hope you will be happily confused with the puzzle we have called Reciprocity.
In difficulty, we give this unusual puzzle three and a half stars.

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locally printed via the Treatstock hub.
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