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Below is a list of most commonly asked questions: 

3D Print service

Q: I don't have a 3D printer, how can I get your puzzles?
A: When you click the green Print button or the 'order here' link at the bottom of the puzzle description, you will be forwarded to Treatstock. Over a thousand independent print services are connected to the Treatstock hub, so it's a global market place for third party 3D printing.
Treatstock supervises the print quality and takes care of payment. The payment includes escrow, so the supplier you use is being paid only after you receive the product and are happy with it!

Q: How do I make sure to get a good 3D print service?
A: In the customize order list the rating for each supplier is show above the name.
Get more information about the supplier by clicking with the right mouse button on the name and opening the link in a new tab.
Under the Reviews tab you will be able to see the individual customer reviews.

Q: How long does it take to receive my printed puzzle?
A: This will take 14 days on average.
After ordering there will be an estimated date of arrival which is usually on the conservative side.

Q: I want to have only the box printed. I have my own pieces. Can I do that?
A: Yes, you can erase unneeded parts from the order. Most of our pieces are unit 15mm with 0.2mm inset (or 0.1mm inset for Gravity Defying puzzles) and a bevel of 0.5mm. These parameters are indicated in the file name of most pieces eg. pieces 150.20.5.stl have the above mentioned parameters.

Q: Some part is missing / does not have the color I expected. Can I get a new one without reordering the whole puzzle?
A: Depending on the stage of when the problem occurred, there are a number of ways to act:
1. Before shipment you will be notified by email that your shipment is ready. Click on the link in the email which will bring you to your order. At the bottom of the page are photo's from the supplier of the printed parts for approval by Treatstock. You can click like / not like and make comments about the product. This includes requests for adding a missing part or to redo it.
2. Upon reception you will be able communicate with your supplier about the result before approving the shipment. The supplier will be paid after your approval, so if you think there is something not alright with the prints, you can request a certain part to be reprinted. 
3. If you have approved the result, but want to order additional parts pls. contact us, since the supplier is contractually obligated erase the design files at this stage and will not be able to do any reprints.

Q: I want to order more than one puzzle, how do I pay for shipping only once?
A: Although you can upload additional STL files to your order, our puzzles can be purchased and customized for print only one by one. If you have had previous orders with the supplier you can request them to refund you for the additional shipping charge. Although this is beyond our service, according to our experience, they will do so because they want to keep you as a happy customer.
Alternatively, you can purchase the STL files of several puzzles and have them printed as one order.

Q: There is no (affordable) supplier in the Treatstock customize order list, what can I do?
1. Verify if the city and country code in the Location obtained from your IP address is correct. eg. Use of a proxy server will result in the wrong location.
2. Try to broaden your search by changing all parts to white PLA.
Then one by one change the parts back to the material and color of your choice and see how this affects the list of suppliers. Quite possibly you will need to make some concessions in color and/or material.
3. If for white PLA no service will appear, change to International delivery, this will include suppliers outside your country.

DIY 3D printing

: I want to buy the STL's, how will you sent them to me?
A: The STL's that you order via Paypal will be sent to you via email address provided. This is a manual process, so please allow up to 24 hours for us to prepare the files.

Q: I want to order STL's via Paypal, but the product page for some puzzles links me to the Treatstock (Request for Quote) page, how can I get them in my Paypal basket?
A: Pls contact us through the contact page and mention the puzzle you would like to include.
We might be able to provide you with a new Paypal link.

Q: My DIY 3D printed parts of your puzzle are too large/(small) and do not fit, what I have to do?
A: Calibrate your printer extrusion ratio: Download our calibration sample here.
The open box is 10x30x30mm with walls of 0.8mm. Measure the wall-thickness with a caliper and adjust your extrusion ratio in your slicer accordingly. Repeat these steps until you measure exactly 0.8mm at different locations of the walls. Measure the sizes of the box to confirm some other slicer parameters
If your problems still persists, get in contact and we will try to analyze and guide you through the steps needed.


Q: Can I get the solution to a puzzle? I am stuck.
A: Pls. contact us through the contact page and mention your order number.
Our policy is to provide hints to customers only.

Q: Do you have distributors where I can order ready made puzzles?
A: Puzzle Master Inc. is a NP distributor.
You can find a selected no. of our puzzles from Puzzle Master here.

Q: Do you have puzzles from other designers?
A: All puzzles are of our own design, but we are open to suggestions.  Pls. contact us through the contact page.

Q: What is Dynamic Space Packing?
A: Dynamic Space Packing is a new and exciting puzzle category where the pieces need to be put in a restricted space of which the form changes during the process.
So they are mechanical puzzles which really do have some sort of mechanism.
Pls. have a look  at our extensive range of DSP puzzles.

Q: Why don't you have your puzzles made from wood?
A: Although most of our puzzles can be printed in Wood PLA, and there are some compelling reasons to use Local Printing on Demand, we are open to suggestions.
Pls contact us through the contact page.

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